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Advocates for parents when moving with children is at issue

Relocating children after a divorce can be emotionally difficult for children and parents who have already endured tremendous upheaval. The family lawyers at Murano & Roth, LLC, understand the difficulties your family faces and will work to obtain what is best for your family. For years, we’ve worked on behalf of parents across the state to protect their rights to be with their children. If relocation is a possibility, we prepare you for the complex process, help present a compelling argument in court for or against the relocation and anticipate questions the judge or opposing counsel will ask.

Factors considered in child relocation hearings

Our New Jersey divorce attorneys have significant experience addressing relocation issues for parents on both sides of the issue. Relocation typically involves issues with the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). Under NJ Law, the court may consider numerous reasons to permit or deny relocation, such as:

The type of custody that currently exists

  • If custody has been previously ordered or there is joint physical custody, then a best interest of the child standard (if custody has not been previously ordered or the parties share joint physical custody)
  • If the moving parent has good-faith reasons for the move (new job, marriage, closer to family, etc.) and whether the move will be inimical to the child’s best interest (if custody has been previously awarded or agreed to)
  • The reasons for the move
  • Whether any reasonable visitation plan is being proposed, or can be realistically effectuated
  • The reasons for any opposition
  • If the purpose of the move is to limit the child's contact with the non-custodial parents
  • The history of dealings between both parents if it relates to reasons for the support or opposition of the move
  • Whether the child will receive equal health, leisure and educational opportunities to what the child currently has
  • What opportunities for education, activities and medical care the child will have in the new location
  • Whether there are any extended family relationships, and if so, how they will be effected by the move
  • The child’s age
  • The child’s preference, if the child is old enough to give a preference
  • The year the child is in in high school
  • Whether the non-custodial parent can relocate
  • Any other factor relevant to the child or the child’s interest
  • Whether a reasonable visitation plan is being proposed
  • Whether circumstances have changed since the previous court order or custody agreement

We’ll help you present a compelling case for or against relocation, no matter what challenges you might face.

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