Compassionate Attorneys in New Jersey Aid with Family Law Issues

Helping you understand your rights in domestic disputes

Divorce and other family matters can be simple or complex, relatively peaceable or downright dirty. At Murano & Roth, LLC, we believe you deserve a family law attorney who examines your needs, finds the best path to meeting those needs and does so with professionalism.

We have helped husbands and wives, fathers and mothers throughout New Jersey tackle family law matters for a combined 45 years. We know how to get to the root of issues and how to resolve them efficiently, and quite often, amicably.

Our firm handles every type of domestic case by relying on strategies that bring swift, cost-effective results. We aim to provide personalized service that puts your priorities first. Our lawyers have a reputation for being thorough and organized with excellent attention to detail.

We handle all types of family law disputes

Our work ethic and our drive for excellence help us devise a clear path to the best outcome in any type of New Jersey family law matter, including the following:

  • Divorce — We help couples work through every aspect of a break-up, from child custody and visitation to child support and property division
  • Support modification — Following a divorce decree, a changing circumstance can necessitate a support modification. We represent clients seeking, or defending against, changes to child support and alimony
  • Relocation — We work with custodial parents to meet the legal requirements for relocating a child as well as with noncustodial parents who object to any change in his or her child’s residence
  • Parental alienation — We help parents use the legal process when the other parent attempts to turn a child against him or her or when parents are wrongly accused of alienation
  • Paternity — Our attorneys represent parents on both sides of paternity issues
  • Emancipation — A New Jersey family law attorney at our firm can help parents of independent children reduce or eliminate their support obligations and protect the interests of dependent parents who continue to require child support
  • Domestic violence — We help men and women obtain restraining orders to protect themselves, and we defend those wrongly accused of domestic abuse
  • Termination of parental rights — We help parents accused of abuse or neglect defend their rights to their children
  • Division of Child Protection and Permanency — Our attorneys can help struggling parents work with the DCPP to protect their children and their rights

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“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”
– Albert Einstein

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