Preparing You for Mediation

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Divorce is challenging on many levels — and it becomes even more challenging if one or both spouses choose to fight out every detail in the courtroom. Mediation allows divorcing couples to deal with legal and personal issues in a less-formal setting. Both spouses must be willing to cooperate. At Murano & Roth, LLC, we have found, over and over, that mediation works in a wide variety of cases, because through mediation, you and your spouse have the power to make decisions for yourselves and your future. If mediation fails, it is very likely that a judge will decide for you.

The success of divorce mediation hinges on a prepared client. We have seen the difference that informing and preparing clients can make in the outcome of mediation. We also have seen mediation fall apart because clients were unwilling or unable to properly prepare.

A checklist for mediation preparation

The New Jersey attorneys of Murano & Roth, LLC work with you to fully prepare for mediation and give you the advice and support necessary to get the most out of the process.

In mediation, is in your best interest to be open to change. The following are some suggestions to help you achieve this frame of mind:

  • Have a clear picture of the mediation process
  • Understand the mediator's style and what he/she typically expects
  • Be sure to ask questions ahead of time
  • Understand and focus on your goals
  • Be prepared to adjust your expectations
  • Use what you know about your spouse to zero in on what he or she will fight for
  • Have a list of items and issues that are not negotiable
  • Have a list of items on which you are willing to compromise
  • Think ahead about what questions you might be asked
  • Be confident in your answers and think positively about the outcome
  • Shield your emotions
  • Do not react if your spouse acts up. Be rational.
  • Dress for success

Although you can attend a mediation alone, it’s often more comfortable for clients to attend with their attorneys. Since the process is designed to foster divorce FAQ page.

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