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Child custody cases can be legally and emotionally challenging. The decisions made impact your child and family forever. At Murano & Roth, LLC, we believe it is critical for all parties in a custody dispute to be reasonable in their conduct and in the agreement they reach.

Of course, we understand this is not always possible. In our years of practice, our attorneys have encountered nearly every circumstance and tactic imaginable in child custody battles. Our substantial experience allows us to protect your interests no matter what comes along.

Custody options in New Jersey

We believe you should understand the child custody process and all of your options. You should never feel as though you do not know what might happen. We clearly define the scope of your situation and outline your rights and the laws that support your custody goals.

The New Jersey Legislature and courts have put a priority on both parents actively participating in their child's life. The first option to consider should always be shared or joint custody.

Custody actually has two components -- physical custody and legal custody. The parent with physical custody is simply the parent of primary residence. A parent or parents with legal custody make all decisions regarding the child's welfare. Deciding on the right combination of physical and legal custody is at the heart of many family law battles. Some options include the following:

  • The child resides with one parent (the primary residence) and alternates time with each parent, depending on the family's needs. All major decisions -- those related to medical care, education, etc. -- are made jointly.
  • The parents share both legal and physical parenting time, and neither party is designated as a parent of primary residence.
  • The child lives exclusively with one parent and may have appropriate time with the non-custodial parent, but major decisions are made by the custodial parent.

When the court must step in

We do everything in our power to help you reach a custody arrangement that you, your ex-spouse and your child can live with. If you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on a custody arrangement, a judge will decide. Family judges look at the following issues:

  • How well the parents work together and communicate
  • Whether the parents will accept a custody plan
  • If there have been violations of a previous custody arrangement
  • The child's relationship with the parents or extended family
  • Whether the parents are "fit" to take care of a child
  • Stability of the home environment
  • How close the parents' homes are to each other
  • The child's preference, when the court deems the child is old enough to make a decision
  • The child's needs

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