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In an ideal world, everyone would come out of divorce with exactly their fair share—nothing more or less than what they put into the marriage. At Murano & Roth, LLC, we know that even low-asset divorces can be complex. Just because there may be less to fight over in your family doesn’t mean that there will be less fighting. Our attorneys keep your interests and priorities in mind at all times as we work through the details of property division. Our attorneys have years of experience helping clients come through divorce with the best possible outcome.

What to expect during asset division

In a divorce, both assets and debts are divided equitably, and this decision may be made by agreement or by court order. Generally, property and debts that you acquired during your marriage are split -- those you had before marriage may be exempted. Deciding what is marital property and what is not can bring conflict to even the simplest divorce.

Many divorces involve a home and numerous options are available for dividing it. Typically, if children are involved, the custodial parent lives in the residence and the non-custodial parent receives a percentage of the property value from other assets in the divorce. If you have no children, the property could be sold with any profit divided between you and your spouse. Or, you or your spouse could buy out the other's share in the property. In many low-asset divorces there is very little equity in the home, so there is no financial boon for either spouse. Even low-asset divorces can be complicated by children. Issues surrounding their well-being -- custody, child support and visitation -- can be tough negotiating points that take time and skill to resolve.

Whether you have a low-asset or high-asset divorce, our attorneys work efficiently and effectively so we accomplish your goals while staying on budget.

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Serving clients throughout the state of New Jersey, Murano & Roth, LLC, may be able to help with your divorce, no matter what your financial situation. To reach us, contact us online or at 201.265.3400 for a free 30-minute consultation.

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