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Litigation is not always the most productive option for couples and families struggling with divorce and related disputes. When you and your spouse are willing to work together for your own good and the good of your children, the attorneys at Murano & Roth, LLC suggest mediation as a viable alternative.

By combining the constructive approaches we have learned through decades of mediation experience, our thorough knowledge of New Jersey family law and a sensible outlook, we are able to help you meet your objectives through this process.

How mediation can help

Mediation is one of several alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies that resolve legal conflicts cooperatively, without going to trial. ADR is designed to obtain swift results, with less expense and volatility than traditional litigation. It also can be less stressful for a family.

While mediation is not the right course for every situation, we counsel clients to use mediation whenever circumstances allow. It is useful in all family law areas, including divorce, asset and debt division, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony. A certified mediator facilitates open communication and a mutual understanding by both parties. A mediator is not a judge and cannot make decisions for you. The mediator's job is to suggest compromises and alternatives.

Typically, there are two different formats that mediation might take:

  • You, your spouse and your attorneys meet in one room with the mediator to try to hash out the issues.
  • You meet to set the ground rules and then adjourn to separate rooms, with the mediator going back and forth with offers until a final agreement is reached.

If mediation fails, a judge will likely determine your issues. You may not like the outcome, but you will have to accept it. To make the process go smoothly we’ll work with you to set goals and prioritize your needs regarding finances, property division, custody, support and any other issues of concern. We help you prepare for mediation so you understand what to expect, have the right frame of mind and the best strategy for success.

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