Fighting Parental Alienation of Affection in New Jersey

Protecting your relationship with your children

As a divorced or divorcing parent, one of your greatest fears may be that your ex-spouse will turn your child against you or that you will be accused of alienating your ex. At Murano & Roth, LLC, we so often see families torn apart by the divorce process. Parental alienation -- one parent brainwashing a child to hate the other parent -- is all too real. In the most extreme cases, a child will no longer even speak with a parent.

The motive for parental alienation varies. Some parents just cannot get past their hatred, or they may feel threatened by the other parent. In some cases, accusations of alienation are fabricated by a parent seeking more advantageous custody, visitation or support arrangements.

Proving parental alienation in New Jersey

Proving parental alienation is very difficult. In its early stages, it is subtle. Children are very susceptible. By the time it is detected, severe psychological damage has already been done to the child, and the parental relationship is destroyed. To prove parental alienation, it takes more than just accusations. You need evidence that your child is growing distant as a result of the conduct of the other parent. Some examples include when the other parent:

  • Encourages the child to pretend you no longer exist
  • Tells your child to choose not to spend time with you
  • Badmouths your character, your life, family or your friends
  • Forces the child to take sides
  • Asks the child to spy on you
  • Blows minor flaws out of proportion
  • Builds the child's fear of you
  • Tells lies about you
  • Convinces the child that there was prior abuse

This doesn’t happen in every divorce, but if you know of — or suspect — that your former spouse is working to destroy your relationship with your child, we recommend that you work quickly. With the help of our law firm and the team of experts in alienation and child psychology we work with, we can help save your parent-child relationship.

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