Helping You Manage the Complexities of Support in Today’s Economic Climate

What you need to know about the economy and your obligations

You may be struggling financially in today's slow economic times. If you receive child support or alimony, you may have noticed that it does not pay for as much as it used to or adequately supplement your own income. If you pay support, you likely have less money to spare.

At Murano & Roth, LLC, we have seen the recession have a drastic effect on our clients and our community. New Jersey courts are flooded with requests to adjust alimony and child support payments because paying and dependent parents are all suffering. Many divorce agreements or court orders were made when the economy was booming. Now, unemployment is sky high and wages are frozen. Those support payments do not have the same impact they once did.

Each person's situation is unique. Only a qualified support attorney can assess your case and provide concrete advice about whether to seek modification of a child support or alimony award.

How to increase or decrease support awards

If the economy has taken its toll on your finances, do not make a change in support on your own. Any change must be agreed to in writing or ordered by the court.

One key to winning a modification is to demonstrate that your change in circumstance is lasting and not temporary. New Jersey courts do not order modified support payments based solely on the job loss or wage reduction of either parent. You must show that your ability to pay your share has been affected. Often, a court will consider whether you have exhausted all possible avenues for employment. It also will look for evidence that your change in circumstance was not voluntary. If you just quit your job hoping to receive more or pay less support or alimony, your modification request will be denied.

Our attorneys can help you sort out your support modification questions in this difficult economic climate. We examine your finances and those of your ex-spouse to ensure the court has a clear picture of your situation.

Call to see how we can help in these tough economic times

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