Plenary Hearings in New Jersey — What Does It Mean For You?

Ensuring the judge has a complete picture of your case

Divorce is combative by nature. If it weren't, family court dockets would be empty. Instead, they overflow with trials and motions and plenary hearings in which parties dispute everything imaginable -- from the cause of the break-up to finances and children.

Lawyers at Murano and Roth, LLC have been representing family law clients in court for years. As experienced litigators, we protect your interests when a judge requires your appearance at a plenary hearing or at any other court proceeding.

Understanding the plenary hearing

A plenary hearing can take place before or after the conclusion of a divorce. Most often, plenary hearings are held because the judge is considering a motion by one of the parties that requires a court order. It may be a motion for asset division or to change child support or custody after a divorce.

Sometimes, a judge can reach a decision based solely on the motion and supporting documentation. In other instances, the family court judge may want to hear testimony at a plenary hearing to clarify facts, answer questions or verify a party's credibility before making a decision. Unfortunately, lies and deceitful tactics are plentiful in family law. A plenary hearing is one way the court can see through the lies to arrive at the truth.

The procedure at a plenary hearing in New Jersey is similar to that at a trial. Each party and its witnesses submit to examination and cross examination by the opposing divorce attorneys in a courtroom before a judge. The judge then considers all of the evidence and testimony before making a ruling.

At home in the courtroom

At our firm, we believe that there’s no family law issue we can’t handle. We thoroughly prepare every case and every client so that we have the best opportunity to succeed in court -- even in the most antagonistic situations. We examine the details and facts on both sides of the issue to unravel any inconsistencies.

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