Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When Elderly Are Involved in Traffic Accidents

One passenger in a van from the Long Life Adult Day Care Center was transported to Englewood Hospital following a recent accident in Tenafly.

The accident highlights the dangers faced by senior citizens involved in traffic accidents and the specific injuries the elderly suffer. In this case the injuries appeared to be minor, but even a minor injury in an older person can quickly become complicated and serious.

Injuries suffered by older accident victims

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 15 elder adults are killed in traffic accidents every day. The rate of fatality increases substantially in accidents involving people over the age of 75 and increases again for people over the age of 80. The high fatality rate is likely due to the increased chance of medical complications from even minor accidents. Common injuries seniors suffer in car accidents include:

Fractures — including arm, leg and hip and rib fractures that require surgical intervention
Soft tissue injury — including knee and shoulder tears that require surgical repair, physical therapy and rehabilitation
Perforation of internal organs — leading to internal bleeding and organ failure
Many minor fractures, burns, lacerations and bruises can contribute to the high fatality rate by requiring long periods of bed rest during recovery. When an elderly patient is unable to move for a period of time the risk for pneumonia, kidney infection and other complications increases significantly.

Preventing accidents in elderly drivers

Elderly drivers can reduce their risk of becoming involved in a traffic accident by obeying safety rules, wearing a seatbelt and not driving in inclement weather. In addition, elderly drivers should have their eyesight and hearing checked regularly, and avoid taking sedative medications while driving.

If an elderly family member is injured in a traffic accident, contact a personable and competent personal injury attorney in Bergen County who can help you obtain financial compensation.

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By Jason D. Roth

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